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Where are the best places to ebike in Los Angeles?

Best places to ebike in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling cityscape with many different natural, historical, and cultural landmarks worth checking out whether you’re a visitor or a local. As everyone knows, traveling by car is not ideal in L.A. because of the traffic, plus you don’t get to be immersed in the city like you are when you’re on a bike. To achieve the speed of driving in a car and the outdoorsiness of being on a bike, the only solution is to opt for a ride on an electric bike.

e-RYDE L.A. is the city’s number one electric bike dealer offering hundreds of different makes and models of ebikes to fit anyone’s needs. As the city experts, we want to make sure you end up on the right bike that works for you and send you on the right path (both literally and figuratively), so we came up with this list of great road bike paths, both short and long, for anyone to explore our City of Dreams safely.

Longer rides 

If you’re looking to take your ebike for a long ride and explore more of the city, there are plenty of paved paths with different vantage points that allow you to do so. Always be sure to pack accordingly and plan stops along the way, but these treks won’t take you too far away from the city.

Marvin Braude bike trail

Starting at Will Rogers State Beach, working way through Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach, down to Torrance County Beach all while taking in the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Ballona Creek bike path

This path takes you from Culver City to the Pacific Ocean and back.

Arroyo Seco bike path

One of the more varied routes that takes you through beautiful residential neighborhoods, all the way up to the Rose Bowl.

L.A. River bike path

The northern and southern paths span a total of 24 miles taking bikers from the Glendale-Burbank area to the ocean in Long Beach.

Shoreline pedestrian bike path

A medium length path that takes you through Long Beach and along the harbor.

Shorter rides

If you’re interested in trying out your ebike for a short ride, or don’t have a lot of time for a ride on a particular day, you’ve got options. While it might be a longer journey by bike to get to some of these, you can always drive your ebikes to these spots for a quick circle around the park to have a picnic, meet friends, or get some sun. 

Echo Park Lake loop

A one-mile loop around the lotus-topped lake in the hip Echo Park neighborhood.

MacArthur Park

Bike around this part of town and take a loop around the park for some great people and bird watching.

Hollenback Lake loop

A walker’s haven with a loop less than a mile around the lake where you’ll spot plenty of ducks and birds roaming free.

e-RYDE Electric Bikes LA has every option of electric bikes for your treks around the city

Come into our showroom to learn more electric bikes and test out which one could be right for you. Shop around our website ahead of time to get a better understanding of what’s on the market, what type of riding you’ll want to do, and the many styles of bikes there are available.

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