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Electric Bike

Electric Bikes We Carry

At e-RYDE, we believe there's an electric bike for everyone. We stock a variety of makes and models at our showroom in a variety of different bike categories. Explore road, mountain, trail, commuter, comfort, cruiser, cargo, folding, and compact eBikes now and find the one right for you!

Cruiser Electric Bike

Electric cruisers are the ultimate leisure vehicle, built so you can spend time outside on a stylish model. Cruisers are perfect for beachside fun, semi-urban areas, bike-friendly towns, running errands, and long leisurely rides. Their laidback framework makes them ultra comfortable, and features like sizable fenders allow for blocking of any road or beach debris.

Electric Comfort Bike

Comfort eBikes make the riding experience better by building models that prioritize ergonomic comfort within the physical experience. These models have ideal seating, handlebar height, and frame features for all-day cruising. Their simple step-through frames and easy handling make them perfect for longer rides and touring.

Commuter Electric Bike

Why commute in a car if you don't have to? Depending on your lifestyle and family size, commuter bikes' long battery range, quick start and stop abilities, and dynamic handling optimize them for your daily drive. They're especially comfortable, with ergonomic riding positions, upright posture for visibility, and lumbar support.

Compact Electric Bike

Sleek, striking, and designed for the minimalist, compact eBikes are those with accommodating frame geometry, innovative design, and simple silhouettes. They're perfect for urban environments or longer distances, and tend to be versatile and shareable. Choose a compact model for a responsive ride, easy dismount, and integrated electric components.

Fat Tire Electric Bike

Folding Electric Bike

Folding eBikes break down from their normal size into portable models. They were built for ultimate practicality and offer all of the benefits of a full-size model without the same take-up of space. There's no additional maintenance despite their more convenient form, and ideal for being carried on public transport or stored in small spaces.

Folding Bike

Family Electric Bike

Kids Electric Bike

Electric Mountain Bike

For a model perfect for off-roading that puts performance first, look no further than an electric mountain bike. Electric mountain bikes are built with well-designed tires, capable braking systems, great shock absorption, and top-tier suspension for a smooth ride. These eBikes are good on fire trails, rocky roads, rugged terrain, and wherever else adventure takes you.

Trail Electric Bike

Electric trail bikes are at the intersection of cross country and mountain bike models. These eBikes are made for all-terrain trips, long rocky trails, and the pavemented roads to and from your outdoor adventures. They have the power to conquer smaller obstacles and have impeccable handling, even during off-road trekking.

Trike Electric Bike

Road Electric Bike

Road electric bikes are those optimized for pavement. Road eBikes are great for daily life and day-to-day functions, built for cruising around town and handling frequent commutes or trips. They're built with skinny tires, light frames, and a long battery life. With impressive lifespans, these multi-purpose models will suit you for years.

Electric Bike Info

At e-RYDE, we carry more than just our name implies, and electric skateboards are something you’ll find in our showroom. With the rise of electric bicycles, it’s no surprise that other electric methods of transportation have arisen as well. Electric skateboards are a more leisurely electric vehicle, and certainly geared towards a different audience. They’re great for getting around town, campus, and suburban neighborhoods, though taking the kids to school or grabbing groceries might be tough on these models! Like electric bikes, electric skateboards are eco-friendly, trendy and stylish, and perfect for having some fun outside.

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