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EBOX Electric Dirt Bike

EBOX Electric Dirt Bikes We Carry

Stomp Pit Bikes came into existence in 2006, founded by Marc Brotherton, a distinguished engineer and passionate motorcycle aficionado. Holding an Engineering degree and boasting ten years of experience in the automotive sector, Marc's fascination with motorcycles began at the tender age of three. By 2004, at 29 years old, he was prepared to launch his own venture.


From $1,349

EBOX introduces its groundbreaking EBOX1, a 48v 1.6 kw electric off-road motocross bike. Designed from scratch to be a lightweight powerhouse, it outperforms punches above its weight class. EBOX incorporated a speed-controller for adjustable performance, making it suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike. Offering an hour of riding on full power, with the option to extend by swapping batteries, EBOX1 combines performance with power.

EBOX Dragster

From $1,449

EBOX presents the Dragster, a sustainable electric marvel designed for fun and practicality. Offering clean and convenient transport, the Dragster is perfect for racers, shoppers, campers, or those needing to haul gear. Its versatile design ensures it's an excellent choice for various activities, whether it's pit transport, drag racing, weekend cruising, or even becoming an Instagram Wheelie King. Riding the Dragster, you're guaranteed to stand out like a professional.


From $1,649

EBOX seeks thrill and escape from the mundane, crafting EBOX2 for those high-speed getaways. EBOX enhanced the EBOX2 with a more robust 2 kw powertrain, peaking at over 3 kw thrusting it to the forefront of electric pit bike performance. The model boasts extended forks and 14/12 wheels, accommodating larger or more adventurous riders.

EBOX Electric Dirt Bike Info

Elevating the standard is EBOX’s forte, which explains their dominance in the UK pit bike arena for nearly two decades.
As electric dirt bikes began to gain momentum, Stomp recognized the opportunity to extend their hallmark of quality, high performance, and affordability to the burgeoning electric sector.
Thus, the EBOX brand emerged, introducing a top-tier machine designed to meet all expectations and establish new benchmarks in the industry.

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