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Zooz Electric Bikes

Zooz Electric Bikes We Carry

Zoom Ultra Urban e-bikes are lightweight commuter bikes. The sleek design of the UU-750 was their flagship bike and is a perfect balance between speed, sport and comfort. The UU-250 offers an even lighter option without compromising on speed. And the UU-1100 delivers more speed and range without adding sound, making it their powerhouse model.

Zooz Ultra Urban 250

From $1,995

The Ultra Urban 250 is the lightest bike zooz offers. It's lighter on the throttle and top speed, yet still plenty thrilling for a commuter or younger rider.

Zooz Ultra Urban 750

From $2,395

The Ultra Urban 750 E-Bike is the original ZOOZ experience. Offering the best power-to-weight of the Ultra Urban lineup, the torquey motor and svelte frame offer the sportiest, most balanced and well-rounded feeling of any e-bike in the market.

Zooz Ultra Urban 1100

From $2,895

The 2022 Ultra Urban 1100 is the speed machine of the Ultra lineup. The quieter motor on the 2022 UU1100 has a higher top speed and more range than the other Ultra models, so you can keep on cruising.

Zooz Electric Bikes Info

These bikes will get you where you need to go with their sleek, agile design. Innovative technologies have improved their 2023 line-up. Each model is more lightweight, efficient and a thrill to ride. A single charge can cover a distance of 40-45 miles, with top speeds reaching 26-35 MPH.

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