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Cruiser Electric Bike

Cruiser Electric Bikes We Carry

Spending some time oceanside, or just cruising around town, cruiser electric bikes are the most laid-back way to enjoy a day outside. The cruiser electric bike brands we carry are known for being stylish, comfortable, and easy to handle. Visit us to test ride an electric cruiser bike today.

Besv CF1

From $1,699

The BesV CF1 is a stylish, functional bike that is great for the occasional cruiser or avid commuter. The lack of screen and bright front headlight of the CF1 provide a safe and enjoyable ride for all riders. It's low step profile makes it easy to get on and off and it's mininmalist design featuring multiple color schemes fit any rider's style!

Besv CF1 26"

From $1,699

The BesV CF1 is a stylish, functional bike that is great for the occasional cruiser or avid commuter. The lack of screen and bright front headlight of the CF1 provide a safe and enjoyable ride for all riders. Its low step profile and now 26" tires make it even easier to get on and off and it's mininmalist design featuring multiple color schemes fit any rider's style!

Kasen Cross

From $1,299

Kasen's step-thru street commuter model. Its 500w rear drive motor and front suspension allow you to cruise with ease. It able to carry up to 275 lbs.

Electric Bike Company Model E

From $1,899

The NEW Model E is our version of the Economy bike, classic style electric cruiser, built with 26″ and 24" wheels, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built.

E-lux Tahoe

From $1,995

The E-Lux Tahoe is the perfect fat tire beach cruiser. Equipped with a powerful 500 watt motor, the tahoe can handle any hills necessary after a long day hanging out at the beach. The fat tires and pushed back handlebars make the Tahoe a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all riders.

E-lux Malibu

From $1,995

Elux Malibu, an electric hybrid cruiser that blends contemporary lines and features an integrated battery forward design with the ultra-comfortable upright riding position that Elux is famous for, bringing you and your family “Miles of Smiles” as you blast down the path! The 48 Volt 500 Watt drive train gives you tons of torque for the hills and windy days while the upgraded Schwalbe tires and Zoom front suspension roll over any bumps! Get on one today and experience what the Malibu is all about!

SUPER73 Z Miami

From $1,995

The much anticipated SUPER73-Z Miami features a powerful new motor, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, and a convenient removable battery. The all new Z Miami is the perfect launch point into the world of SUPER73.

Electric Bike Company Model Y

From $1,999

Signature in style and sturdy in build, the Model Y is great for everyday use. When cruising around town, you’ll benefit from the comfort of its custom leather seat, non-slip rubber pedals, and Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. This model also includes a super charger, which gets your bike up and running in 3-4 hours.

Electric Bike Company Model X

From $1,999

With the Model X, you can go to the extremes (well more than that of a traditional cruiser). Travel up to 120 miles with padded stitched grips and Wellgo aluminum, integrated bearing pedals with comfort non-slip rubber. Each bike is handmade to be 100% stainless steel and rust resistant.


From $2,395

The ZX features a light aircraft-grade aluminum frame, a brand new redesigned seat, improved ergonomics and a more upright riding position – making the ZX stands as one of SUPER73’s most comfortable bikes to date.

Zooz Ultra Urban 750

From $2,395

The Ultra Urban 750 E-Bike is the original ZOOZ experience. Offering the best power-to-weight of the Ultra Urban lineup, the torquey motor and svelte frame offer the sportiest, most balanced and well-rounded feeling of any e-bike in the market.

Electric Bike Company Model S

From $2,399

Electric Bike Company’s Model S (Step-through) style electric cruiser is the way to ride. It features premium rims, thumb throttles, a safe braking system, and an LCD color screen. Similar to other models, the Model S can be stylized to match your preferences.

Electric Bike Company Model C

From $2,399

The Model C is a powerful, classic style electric cruiser that is perfect for cruising the neighborhood or urban settings. It has a comfortable upright position, integrated front and rear safety lights, and can hit speeds of up to 28mph. Draw attention and ride in style by adding accessories and color customizations.

Electric Bike Company Model R

From $2,499

Experience a hybrid performance ride like never before on Electric Bike Company’s Model R (Rugged Enduro). Known for its versatility, this bike features a suspension fork with hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment, Tektro E-350 hydraulic disc brakes, and an 18T cog for medium to hilly terrain.

Zooz Ultra Urban 1100

From $2,795

The 2022 Ultra Urban 1100 is the speed machine of the Ultra lineup. The quieter motor on the 2022 UU1100 has a higher top speed and more range than the other Ultra models, so you can keep on cruising.


From $3,295

The S2 is a high performance electric motorbike designed for the urban adventurer, built with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame and an adjustable air spring suspension fork.

E-lux Malibu GT

From $2,995

The Malibu is beachy and fun, just as its name implies! This E-Lux model has contemporary lines and a comfortable upright position. Faster than many, this Class 3 eBike hits top speeds of 28 mph, and possesses ultimate braking capabilities through the Tektro Dorado 4-Piston Hydraulic Brakes. From seat to shocks, this bike is top-tier.

E-lux Tahoe GT

From $2,995

The Tahoe is one of E-Lux’ first models, and brings luxury, power, speed, and range to the table. The extra-large frame and ultra-comfortable upright riding position are powered by a 48-Volt 740-Watt Dapu Motor and a Samsung Battery drive train. Controllable features include pedal assist, bike acceleration strength, and eco mode, which increases range by 25-30%.

Bulls Cruiser E

From $2,999

The new CRUISER E delivers all of the options for an urban ebike: Fenders, rack, pump, lock, and lights. And its longest-lasting 500Wh battery so that you can Cruise with confidence, the CRUISER E you are sure to get the ride YOU want.Classy, elegant, sleek, sexy. The Cruiser E, powered by Bosch Active Line Plus (250w), brings all these extraordinary qualities to even the most ordinary ride. simple and maintenance free. With a sweeping low step and fully equipped with well crafted fenders, racks and lights, you’ll be riding in style and practicality.

Bulls Sturmvogel EVO Street

From $3,399

It’s an aluminum hybrid is that’s ideal for anyone trying to make their commute faster or just relax and enjoy recreational riding. The drive unit behind the Sturmvogel EVO Street is a 37V, 650 watt-hour battery in conjunction with Brose’s 250W motor. The range of performance it offers is more than 115 miles on one charge, depending on riding style, load and terrain. This multi-function hybrid offers an internal 8-speed hub from Shimano Nexus, keeping maintenance low and giving a clean look. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are equipped to ensure a responsive braking when needed, as the bike can assist you reach fast speeds quickly.

SUPER73 R Brooklyn

From $3,695

The SUPER73 R Brooklyn showcases all of SUPER73’s iconic features; the powerful R-series drive system, along with two-piston hydraulic brakes and dual suspension. Boasting our most powerful LED headlight and our LZRD tires, the R Brooklyn is equipped for peak city and street riding.

Benno eJoy

From $3,499

The eJoy, with Etility® Design, is so much more than cute. This is a seriously smart, seriously capable bike built around the industry leading Bosch mid-drive electric motor. The sturdy rack and available front trays and storage bags let you carry 2x more weight than the typical bike. The comfortable, upright riding position gives you confidence and control, even while carrying cargo. And for that extra precious cargo, the eJoy, is 100% compatible with most premium child seats.

Cruiser Electric Info

Cruiser bikes are a classic, seen most regularly in beachside towns and warm semi-urban areas. For those in bike-friendly towns, cruisers are an ideal way to get outside. They’re designed for any and all casual activities, including daily exercise, errand-running, and leisurely rides. Electric cruisers are certainly durable and often feature both tires capable of handling road debris as well as fenders to block sand kick-up, but they don’t necessarily put speed first! These laid-back styles have a framework that makes riding easy on the body, and comfort always comes first for bikes like these — after all, you’ll want to explore all day on it!

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