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Road Electric Bike

Road Electric Bikes We Carry

A lot of eBikes hit the road, but not all of them are designed for speed the way road-specific models are. Optimized for pavement, these bikes carry you through all of your day-to-day functions: grocery hauls, gym runs, work commutes, and leisurely rides. The electric road bike brands we carry — namely BULLS — give you an exceptional ride, every time.

Bulls Alpine Hawk EVO

From $5,799

The Alpine Hawk EVO is one of the lightest electric bikes, built with a carbon fiber frame. It includes premium hydraulic disc brakes, FAZUA integrated system, and automatic decoupling features at max speed. This sporty model with a comfortable ride is a great road bike with a pleasant touring speed, especially well-performing on climbs and curves.

Riese and Muller Roadster

From $5,669

The Roadster comes in its original form as well as a Mixte model, which has a lowered top tube for easy step-through capability and convenience in fast-paced environments. The Roadster is light, sporty, and has a linear design with effortless control. These urban bikes are optimized for agility and handling, and they'll get you to your destination fast!

Riese and Muller Roadster Mixte

From $5,669

The Roadster Mixte was made to tackle fast-paced city life. Thanks to the slightly lowered top tube, you can swing elegantly onto your bike and ride past everyone effortlessly with a battery capacity of 625 Wh. Its optimum weight distribution also makes it extremely agile and safe to handle. This sportiness, combined with comfortable features, makes the Roadster Mixte the ideal urban bike.

Bulls Desert Falcon EVO

From $6,299

BULLS' Desert Falcon EVO has an especially clean and sleek look. This bike comes equipped with a Bosch Gen4 Performance Speed drive unit, fully-integrated PowerTube 500Wh battery, and the new Shimano GRX - Di2 electronic shifting. Take it up to speeds of 28 mph, and still experience incredibly quick maneuvering and precise movement.

Road Electric Bike Info

Anywhere you need to go is where your road electric bike is ready to take you. Their name says it all: they’re meant for the road, or anywhere else you happen upon pavement. With tires on the skinny side and a light tread, these models are optimized for speed without ever losing sight of maximum performance. They feature longevity, both with respect to their long battery range and long yet low-maintenance lifespan. Ideal as a multi-purpose bike, a road electric bike is perfect for those with a fast-paced daily commute but still want something fun for weekend rides as well.

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