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Harley Davidson Serial 1 Electric Bike

Harley Davidson Serial 1 Electric Bikes We Carry

Harley-Davidson is known for its highly cultivated American-made motorcycles and has entered the electric ride market with Serial 1 as a frontrunner in design, technology, and overall riding experience.

Serial 1 Mosh/CTY

From $3,799

The ultimate urban playbike. The MOSH/CTY model is a pedal-assist eBicycle designed for trend-setting adults seeking a stylish and flexible way to move around their fast-paced urban environments. Fly faster and farther, solo or in a pack. It’s quick, nimble and an absolute ripper.

Serial 1 Rush/CTY

From $4,999

The sophisticated commuter. The RUSH/CTY model is a premium, full-featured eBicycle designed for more convenient and fun commutes. The easiest, most intuitive way to get anywhere, without breaking a sweat.

Serial 1 Rush/CTY step-thru

From $4,999

An all-access ride to wherever you want to go. The RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU is a premium eBicycle loaded with features and exceptional style. The step-thru frame makes it easy to get in the saddle without swinging a leg high over the seat, and to stand flat-footed over the bike at a stop – an essential urban-commute feature for some riders."

Serial 1 Rush/CTY speed

From $5,599

Full speed ahead! The RUSH/CTY SPEED model is the quickest way to navigate any city. Providing electric assistance up to 28 mph, RUSH/CTY SPEED is designed to bring adventure to errands, excitement to your commute, and more capability to any cycling situation.

Harley Davidson Serial 1 Electric Bike Info

Serial 1 powered by Harley-Davidson will change how you move. The step-thru frame allows its riders to quickly hop on and explore the world on two wheels going up to 28 mph. Serial 1 is an intuitive way to get anywhere, whether on city roads or country trails

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