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Is an Electric Bike Worth It?

Are Electric Bicycles Worth It?

Electric bicycles have been a recent topic of conversation, and their popularity is growing. These sleek and stylish upgrades from your standard bicycle can be seen everywhere, and you may just be wondering if you should get one. Electric bikes are cool and possess many benefits, but do their positive characteristics make them worth their price? Let’s find out.

What Are Electric Bikes Capable of?

Electric bikes contain a battery, motor, and accelerator. The motor may be in the hub of the well or in the center for mid-drive models. Acceleration is activated via pedal-assist or throttle, and there are different levels of how hard the bike will work to assist you. They average a speed of 20 miles per hour and can make it an average distance of 40–75 miles (though some are designed to go much farther).

Benefits of Buying an Electric Bike

To see if electric bikes are worth it, let’s go over some of their key benefits.

They’re Ideal for Commuting

Electric bikes are perfect for shorter road commutes, and allow you to take different routes than those a car would. With that freedom, you might just find that a nearby bike trail or path gets you there faster.

They Encourage Better Health

Not all electric bikes are fully throttle-powered, meaning that their electricity comes into play in the form of pedal-assist. You’re allowed to take control of the pedaling at any point, turning the eBike into a normal one. For flat runs or downhills, you can enjoy a moment of light, easy exercise that benefits your health.

They Save Money on Gas

It goes without saying that gas is expensive. The average amount of money spent on fuel, based on a sedan, is $1,700 a year! Conversely, it takes only 8 cents to charge an electric bike battery at a minimum, or 0.25 cents per mile at a maximum. Compared to $3–4 per gallon, it’s clear how an electric bike can quickly pay for itself.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Still, on the topic of gas, you can save more than just money through electric bikes: you can also help save the planet! These no-gas vehicles mean that their use causes far less harm to the environment, especially because electricity can be generated in eco-friendly ways.

They’re Super Convenient

Many pause at the idea of an electric bike, noting that their cars are what enable them to perform activities like dropping the kids off at school or grabbing groceries. However, electric bikes can do this too! Cargo eBikes offer front and backloading, and certain bikes are designed to hit the road. There are car seats specific to certain models and meant for carrying children or pets. Other accessories or built-in cargo features are specific to luggage and belongings. Wherever you’re going, an eBike can accompany you. Plus, some models even fold up to be stored, carried, or brought on public transport.

Closer With Your Community

One of the biggest benefits of electric bikes is how they get people outdoors. Road and cruiser eBikes bring people back onto trails and pathways, encouraging outdoor activity and group rides. You’re more likely to visit public places or stop and say hi to a neighbor — making for a better community.

Find the eBike For You at Electric Bikes LA

Buying an electric vehicle is a big decision, and there are hundreds of electric bike options as well as electric skateboards and one-wheeled vehicles. Don’t make your eBike decision alone! Electric Bikes LA is the best place to find the eBike right for you. Our Bike Advisors will walk you through all of the models, and help you test ride.

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