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Cargo eBikes for Families

Go The Distance With A Cargo eBike For The Family 

Did you ever think you would live in a world in which it is convenient and practical to ditch your car and pick up a bike instead? With the current rise of electric transportation options, the Cargo eBike makes this possible for you and your family. Of course, a family cargo eBike won’t improve the bicycle infrastructure in your city, but it will allow you to easily haul kids, groceries, sports equipment, school backpacks, and whatever else you desire to take with you.  

With many cargo eBike options on the market today, some are better than others, but how do you choose? Cargo eBikes can haul many things, but when it comes to carrying your most precious cargo, you want to make sure you make the right choice. To help make your decision easier, here are our top picks for cargo eBikes for families. 

Why Choose a Cargo eBike? 

Cargo bikes are ideal for families trying to minimize car use and need a way to haul their kids. Unlike most child bike seats or trailers, cargo eBikes can be used for babies and “big” kids, making this an investment you will continuously reap the benefits. Cargo eBikes can be used as your primary source of transportation and carry all the stuff that comes with having kids – toys, diaper bags, car seats,  books, backpacks, balance bikes, groceries, you name it. Cargo eBike can assist you in a city, over hills, on long commutes, or if you are just motivated by an eclectic assist. 

Types of Electric Cargo Bikes 

There are generally two types of electric cargo eBikes: the front-loader and the longtail. Front-loader bikes, also known as Bakfiets or Long Johns, suspend a cargo box between the front wheel and the riders. The front-loader eBikes, or long johns, is the most traditional family eBike. It can be heavy when pedaling uphill, but it can carry many kids and gear. The longtail is generally the most agile and lightweight of the cargo bikes and extends to the bike’s rear. The longtail cargo eBikes can typically fit three children and maneuvers more like a regular bicycle. 

Urban Arrow Electric Cargo Bike

The Urban Arrow Cargo eBike Family model brings electric bike safety with absolutely zero compromises. These bikes have a lowered children’s seat space for a lower center of gravity and, therefore, increased control and an expanded polypropylene box protecting precious cargo. Despite its heavy-duty protective features, the Family still has supreme agility and a comfortable ride

Yuba Electric Cargo Bikes

Yuba’s Super Marché model is a long frame that’s unique and stylish. It’s a California-inspired version of the Dutch front-loading cargo bike and comes with an open loader, seat kit, and baseboard. These eBikes are designed for active parents and small business owners who commonly find themselves on the go and prioritize stability.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Family Bike

Electric Cargo Bikes play a significant role in this post coronavirus world, with more and more parents using them for their everyday commute. But, before ditching your car or MetroCard, you need to consider if an electric cargo bike is right for you and your family. Here are some things to think of: 

  • How many kids are you hauling daily?
  • How far are you commuting? Are you commuting over any hills?
  • How heavy is your haul? 
  • Is there a local dealer nearby? Do they have a service center

If you need help answering any of these questions, we are here to help! 

Come In For A Test Ride! 

Are you confident at pedaling yourself around? Then an electric cargo bike may be for you! The same rules and regulations apply as a regular bike (you don’t need insurance or a license), and you can take them on the same routes you would any other day-to-day bicycle. If you need help choosing the perfect ride for your family or have any questions, stop by our showroom today for a test ride and let us set you up with this revolutionary new mode of transport.

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