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Are Electric Bikes Good for Fitness?

Are Electric Bikes Good for Fitness?

You likely already know that biking is a common and effective way of getting active. With the rising popularity of eBikes, you may be wondering if electric bicycles have the same impact on fitness. Good news: they do! Electric bikes can be extremely good for fitness, and also offer the ability to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Here’s how these electric vehicles still engage your body during workouts.

How Electric Bikes Can Boost Your Fitness

Ready to see how electric bikes can be beneficial for fitness? Read on to find out!

eBikes Still Require Pedaling

eBikes tend to come in two forms: pedelecs and twist-and-go. Pedelecs are those that either require pedaling in order to move or even have the option of pedaling alone. Twist-and-go electric bikes are closer in classification to mopeds and have a throttle that drives the engine entirely. Most bikes are pedelecs, and the ones used for fitness always are! What this means is that pedaling isn’t just a way to help your bike along, but a necessity. Therefore, an eBike can still be used for exercise due to the movement and involvement it requires.

eBikes Burn Calories

Don’t be fooled into thinking that an eBike is a non-workout option. Of course, there are eBikes that don’t require pedal assistance or can have their assistance level adjusted to make riding easier — but those are optional! Riding an eBike vigorously, and with the assistance adjusted to your personal fitness level and goals, can still burn quite a few calories. Multiple experiments have shown that riding an electric bike burns anywhere from 50% to a whopping 90% of the calories burned when riding a normal one.

eBikes Lead to Longer Workouts

Being in the midst of a moderate workout only to encounter a nearly insurmountable incline can quickly end whatever aerobic activity you had planned. Especially for those just entering the fitness world, workouts that have steep intervals or increase in intensity too quickly can be discouraging if not dangerous. eBikes prevent overexertion by giving you a boost on tougher inclines. This doesn’t mean you don’t do any work; the bike is simply providing assistance to a point where climbing a hill feels the same as pedaling on a flat straight-away. This allows riders to go further with consistent aerobic effort, improving the length and quality of their exercise session.

eBikes Can Be a Safe Form of Exercise

As mentioned, eBikes can prevent injury due to overexertion — but that’s not all! eBikes also make exercise accessible. There are hundreds of reasons someone may not be able to engage in traditional exercise. Common injuries and disabilities that lead people to electric bikes usually include knee injuries, arthritis, or mobility deficiencies. Other riders may be recovering from a chronic problem or surgery. Whatever it may be, eBikes allow people who may not be able to ride bicycles to enjoy a safer form of exercise. Biking is already low impact, and the adjustability of eBikes’ assistance makes them even more compatible with any lifestyle.

Find a Fitness Electric Bike For You

At Electric Bikes LA, we know each and every rider joins the eBike community for a different reason. If you’re looking to head outdoors, enjoy some fresh air, and get active, swing by our showroom! Our experienced Bike Advisors can walk you through all of our in-store makes and models as well as suggest custom order eBikes designed to fit your exercise needs. Stop by today to find the fitness-oriented electric bike for you and even give it a test ride!

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