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What to Know When Riding eBikes With Kids

Family rides on electric bikes

The whole family can ride electric bikes together, even toting the kids who don’t know how to ride just yet. Bikes equipped to haul loads are often referred to as cargo bikes, meaning you can carry anything from what you need for the day to hauling your kids on the bike ride of their dreams. 


These ebikes come in a variety of makes and models fit for hauling different types of precious cargo. Cargo buckets can be found on a low-bearing front for stabilization, or a back carrier concept with seats meant for larger kids who otherwise might move around too much. And, the best part is that even if your kids outgrow the size of the cargo space, it can be used to carry all the supplies needed for family trips while now on their own ebikes beside you. 


The concept of cargo can and does change over time, so finding the most versatile electric bike is a great investment for family transportation. eRyde proudly offers a variety of family eclectic bikes equipped with everything needed to get everyone where they’re going and safely. 

Family electric bikes we carry

At eRyde, we carry top-line makes and models of ebikes from the most innovative and reliable electric bike companies, many based in California. 


  • Reise and Muller: A German company focused on innovation and is one of the leading companies for ebikes and cargo bikes around the world
      • Riese and Muller Load 75
      • Riese and Muller Load 60
      • Riese and Muller Multicharger Mixte
      • Riese and Muller Packster
      • Riese and Muller Multicharger
  • Yuba: A California-based company devoted to making cargo and people carrying safe and easy on eclectic bikes 
      • Yuba Super Marche Electric
      • Yuba Spicy Curry A/T
      • Yuba Spicy Curry
      • Yuba Mundo Electric
      • Yuba Boda Boda
      • Yuba Kombi E5
  • Urban Arrow Family: A Dutch company dedicated to making impactful change by converting car drives to ebike riders
  • Benno Boost: German-originated, California-based company differentiated by design of their ebikes for everyday transportation needs


To learn more about the family ebikes we carry, visit our website for more detailed information about each make and model.

Best practices when riding with the family

Like any bike ride, every rider should be wearing a helmet. And, ebikes should be fully charged before setting off on any long adventure. It’s important to take time for new electric bike riders to get used to how they work before going too far. Packing water, snacks, and various layers of clothing for whatever weather conditions might come your way is also important. 


Some might say riding an electric bike is “just like riding a bike,” but we would go so far to say that it’s not only faster, but better. 

Interested in getting the family on ebikes? eRyde can help find the right rides for everyone

Our knowledgeable eRyde staff members can help find the ideal bike for you and your family, whether it’s for a day’s rental or a permanent fixture in your garage. We’re happy to help any questions along the way, and are a full-service repair shop if anything on your ebikes needs some tuning.

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