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EMOJO Electric Bike

EMOJO Electric Bikes We Carry

EMOJO is an electric bike brand that puts the experience of the rider at the forefront. For many, riding a bike evokes feelings of nostalgia and their eBikes accomplish just this. Freely ride on an electric bike designed for you by people just like you. We happily carry the Caddy Trike, Ram SS, Lynx, Panther Pro, and Wildcat Pro in stock.

Emojo Lynx Pro

From $1,699

Reach new heights with EMOJO’s Lynx foldable electric bike. The Bafang 500-watt electric motor gives riders the extra boost of power they may need to conquer uphill climbs or race off on the road. In addition to its performance, it is easy to store and transport when it is not in use.

Emojo Ram SS

From $1,899

Foldable for your convenience combined with power that is unmatched, the Ram SS is an eBike truly in a class of itself. It comes with a step-through frame made of sturdy aluminum, Dual Tektro disc brakes, 7-speed Shimano gearing, a rear cargo rack, front suspension, and more that will help riders make the most of every mile.

Emojo Wildcat 750

From $1,999

The Wildcat is perfect for any terrain. Durable and well-equipped, this eBike features a lightweight alloy rigid frame, 7-speed gearing, 750-watt Bafang electric motor, powerful Tektro disc brakes, high-quality robotic welding, and a USB outlet for those days when you’re not ready to come home.

Emojo Panther

From $2,099

It’s named the Panther for a reason. Like the big cats themselves, these bikes are smooth and powerful. This model comes in three colors and is fully loaded with fenders, a rear rack, LCD display, and front and rear LED lights. It combines both comfort and nimbleness to achieve a top speed of 20 mph.

Emojo Caddy Trike

From $2,699

An electric trike we know you’ll like! EMOJO’s Caddy Trike features 7 mechanical gears, hydraulic brakes, both throttle and pedal assist, large color display, and battery integrated headlights. Reach up to 20 mph while adventuring on trails or throughout the neighborhood. With its unique design, all eyes will surely be on you.

Emojo Caddy Trike Pro

From $2,899

It's simple to get on and off this powerful step-through fat-tire electric trike. The more advanced hydraulic disc brakes provide greatest stopping power with the least amount of effort. The all-terrain knobby tires are capable of handling any surface. It comes with front and rear metal baskets, making it a great alternative for not just fun outings but also commutes and errands. Emojo Caddy Pro is a step up from Emojo Caddy, with adjustable front suspension and a soft saddle with backrest for a more pleasant ride. Get it now and discover a whole new way of living!

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