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The environmental impacts of electric bikes

Environmental impacts of electric bikes

With the rise in gas prices and constant battle to improve climate change, the popularity of electric transportation is on the rise. The market is showing more electric cars than ever before, but there are still too many cars on the road for a city like Los Angeles. As an alternative, e-RYDE proposes the idea of adding an ebike or converting to eclectic biking commutes as a way to lessen your individual carbon footprint while getting some exercise on the way to wherever you’re going. 

Positive impacts of electric bikes 

There are many positive impacts of the move towards eclectic, and more specifically the heightened use of ebikes. 

  • Significantly lowered carbon monoxide emissions making is an environmentally friendly way to travel 
  • The cost of electric bikes is lower out-the-gate and require much less repair costs and upkeep than cars
  • Bikes take up minimal space in your home or garage and are easier to park in busy areas than motor vehicles 
  • Noticeably less fossil fuel consumption per individual and overall as more people choose to ride electric 
  • Exercise while commuting leads to an overall healthier lifestyle, seeing improvements in physical and mental health when used regularly 
  • Easing traffic congestion by taking cars and drivers off the highways and into bike lanes
  • No license and registration process required like there is for a motorcycle or car
  • Easily controllable speeds to go from commuting to cruising, and easy-to-change modes between using the eclectic battery and the regular bike pedal speeds 
  • Can be used by all age groups, offering different makes and models to carry young children or cargo

The future of eclectic biking  

Time will tell how green our society will go when it comes to transportation. For now, ebikes are considered a fun and healthy alternative to driving, but there might not always be a route that makes sense to make the vehicle change. As popularity of electric rides rises, so must the infrastructure in order to accommodate ebikes and other open-air modes of transportation. But, there are plenty of paths in place today to get you around the city.

Anyone in L.A. knows it’s not pleasant to be stuck in traffic on your bike or motorcycle, so increasing the number of bike lanes and paths to get people where they need to go is something we plan on seeing in the near future. Safety is very important while riding ebikes, and it’s good to know the risks and dangers involved with it and the routes you take. e-RYDE has a list of best trails to ride your ebike around Los Angeles for safe and enjoyable scenic routes. 

e-RYDE has a variety of electric bikes that can help you leave less of a carbon footprint with your daily transportation

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent an ebike for fun or want to change the way you commute, we have a wide variety of eclectic bikes fit for every rider and their needs. We’ve got bikes meant for the open road, transporting the kids around, and getting you to work safely without worrying about gas prices. Come into the showroom and see which electric bike is right for you.

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