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Stromer Electric Bikes

Stromer Electric Bikes We Carry

Founded in top-tier Swiss technology, Stromer produces electric bikes where quality can be found in every mile, even during everyday commutes. They've developed lines of strong, speedy bikes always driven by perfection, and we couldn't be happier to supply some of the bikes we love to drive the most!

Stromer ST1

From $3,800

The Stromer ST1 is the highest-quality all-arounder eBike. This model combines drive power and range with customizable riding comfort, and hits speeds of up to 28 mph. It saves energy without skimping on necessary power, and has a range of up to 110 miles. This rear-wheel motor bike is fast, flexible, and certainly stylish.

Stromer ST2

From $6,140

Stromer's ST2 model is the perfect intersection of efficiency and power. It's ideal for commuting and everyday use, providing a smooth ride on a durable carbon belt drive each and every time. The ST2 is silent, extremely light, and fully connected. Best of all, it requires minimum maintenance and has a long lifespan.

Stromer ST2 SE

From $5,999

The ST2 Special Edition is your partner for commuting and everyday use – fully connected and customizable. With suspension seatpost, Stromer Copenhagen basket as well as exclusive special finish and elegantly matching saddle/grip ensemble, the ST2 SE adds to the qualities of the classic ST2.

Stromer ST3

From $7,700

The ST3 was designed by Stromer as a top-notch commuting bike made for the more experienced rider. It's extremely dynamic, and created for daily use and city competence. All of the customizable versions come with a comfortable riding position and capability for efficient mobility smart additions.

Stromer ST3 LE

From $8,490

The commuter classic in limited edition with a range of up to 180 km and more smart extras in San Marino Blue special paint finish.

Stromer ST3 Pinion LE

From $9,200

Dynamic travel – with 180 km range, Pinion gearbox and optional ABS. Pre-book now – available from March 2022.

Stromer ST5

From $9,000

The ST5 model is the best of the Stromer ST line. It encompasses the maximum amount of power and range, all within a fully-integrated design. Stromer made it with exclusive high-end components for great performance and excellent riding dynamics. This highly-aesthetic model was the Red Dot Design Award winner of 2020.

Stromer ST5 ABS

From $11,100

Superlative with ABS: The word’s first Speed Pedelec with fully integrated anti-lock braking system – for maximum brake control.

Stromer ST7

From $13,200

The new flagship combines cutting-edge technology and high-end components to create a Speed Pedelec truly in a class of its own.

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