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Serial 1 powered by Harley-Davidson at e-RYDE

Meet Serial 1 powered by Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is no stranger to the open road being the leading American-made motorcycle company for generations. In recent years, they’ve switched gears from the traditional bikes we’re used to and have stepped into the eclectic bike arena. 

The Serial 1 powered by Harley-Davidson series of electric bikes are the easiest and most intuitive way to get anywhere, without breaking a sweat. It will change the way you move and look stylish while doing it. 

Serial 1 models 

The Serial 1 models range in speed, special features, and price. All have 90Nm/66 ft. lb. torque, removable batteries, gates carbon belt drive, and LED lighting systems. Below are the notable differences between each of the four models: 


  • MOSH/CTY: up to 20 mph; single speed/freewheel; 529Wh removable battery; no accessories
  • RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU: up to 20 mph; Brose S Mag engine; 529Wh removable battery; integrated racks and fenders, lockable glove box 
  • RUSH/CITY STEP-OVER: up to 20 mph; Brose S Mag engine; 706Wh removable battery; integrated racks and fenders, lockable glove box  
  • RUSH/CTY SPEED: up to 28 mph; Brose TF Mag engine; 706Wh removable battery; integrated racks and fenders, lockable glove box 


The knowledgeable e-RYDE staff can discuss which Serial 1 model will work best for you, and show you other options that we have available online and in the showroom.

Why choose e-RYDE 

Since 2008, we’ve showcased the largest selection of eBikes on the west coast so you can find the ideal eBike for your specific needs. We love what we do and believe that in the near future everyone will own some form of electric bike, electric skateboard, or another type of eRyde.


Our showroom offers over 200+ electric rides to purchase and 50+ different eBikes and other fun vehicles for you to test out. When you come in store, our expert staff will guide you through all our different electric categories: road eBikes, mountain eBikes, trail eBikes, commuter eBikes, comfort eBikes, cruiser eBikes, cargo eBikes, compact eBikes, eSkateboards, eScooters, and eTrikes. We will pair you with the perfect fit for your individual wants and needs. 


We are proud to be a full service dealer and offer the most accomplished and well supported electric bike selection in the U.S. We started back in 2008 and the experience we gained along the way has given us the tools and knowledge to assess and fix any problem you might have with your ebike or other eRyde. Whether it’s a safety check or motor issues, our team is equipped and ready to get your eBike riding like brand new. And of course, if you need your new bike built, our service specialists can build any eBike on the market. 


We offer a wide selection of eBike alternatives and accessories. Whether you are trying to shred some pavement or looking for a more compact electric option, we have something for you to test ride.


Test drive the Serial 1 line at your nearest e-RYDE location

If you’re interested in test driving the new Serial 1 powered by Harley-Davidson ebike, we’ve got some in our showroom ready for you to hop on. We’re here to help you find the right electric bike or vehicle that’s right for you. 

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