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Urban Arrow is an electric bike brand known for reinventing the cargo bike. Their line of models has the right bike for any cargo load type, and many of them do it all! Check out their notable Family and Shorty models, both of which we have in stock at Electric Bikes LA.


Urban Arrow's Family model brings forth electric bike safety with absolutely zero compromises. These bikes have lowered children seat space, for lower center of gravity and therefore increased control, as well as an expanded polypropylene box that protects precious cargo. Despite its heavy-duty protective features, the Family still has supreme agility and a comfortable ride.


The Shorty is known as Urban Arrow's "compact giant." It's the lightest Urban Arrow option, but it's fast, agile, and capable of carrying large loads. The award-winning, comprehensive design combines outstanding functionality, workmanship, and added value. Use their cargo accessories to carry kids, pets, or any personal items.

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Urban Arrow's slogan is, “Turn rush hour into fun hour” — and that they have. With Urban Arrow's line of electric bikes, you can genuinely say goodbye to your car. Urban Arrow has made electric bikes a more family-friendly endeavor, no matter who is at the wheel. This brand has never once compromised safety in favor of design or otherwise, meaning that your fragile cargo is always safely secured. Using one of their cargo bikes with easy handling and low center of gravity, you'll find it easy to bring your kids (or pets!) to the store, park, and more.