Del Sol Electric Bikes

Del Sol Electric Bikes We Carry

Del Sol's electric bike motto is to make "molehills out of mountains" — and these models certainly do! We're honored to stock electric bikes that take the best parts of riding normal bicycles and extend them to add acceleration to your everyday rides. Their range of models fit every need, and their cruisers are most popular.

Lxi Flow

Looking for a more beginner ride? Try Del Sol's Lxi Flow! This electric bike has a classically-shaped frame with modern components, an upright riding position, and relaxed head tube and seat tube angles. It's ideal for visibility, comfort, and mounting/dismounting, and rider positioning of the midpoint enhances its steady steering.

Railer Plus Throttle

Del Sol's Railer Plus Throttle is a model with a super lightweight alloy frame and welded-on cargo rack. It's powered by a semi-integrated battery down tube and hydraulic disc brakes for rear hub pedal and throttle-assist power. As a moto-inspired frame, the Railer has modern handlebars and a elastomer-spring cruiser saddle.

Lxi Throttle

The Lxi Throttle by Del Sol is a signature comfort frame with semi-integrated battery down tube, hydraulic disc brakes, rear throttle-assist, and Samsung battery technology. This bike has a quick recharge time and is relatively lightweight — perfect for cruising and everyday use. It also comes in a few colors, most notably their sky blue!

Shoreliner Throttle

Del Sol's Shoreliner Throttle is their most unique model, with laid-back geometry and custom Del Sol Cruiser bars for comfortable hand position. The lightweight alloy frame was built for cruising, and full-coverage fenders block sand on beach adventures. With thinner tires and beachy colors, this bike is every summer's hottest ride.

Del Sol Electric Bikes Info

Del Sol electric bikes come with all the bells and whistles you could want, especially if you're new to the world of electric bikes. They're driven by a powerful and efficient electric motor, and controlled by a simple-to-use throttle that reduces effort as you increase speed. The easy-steer handling is pedal-assisted, so the bike doesn't go until you do, and each one comes with a high-capacity battery for all-day riding. Reinforced forks are designed for power and torque, while large tires give rides a soft bounce. Best of all, their stylish options include trendy features such as BMX-like bars and rat rod silhouettes.